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trivia games

Host a Fun Trivia Game Party With Game Shows Alive

Have you ever imagined having your very own game show? This is exactly what you could have to entertain your guests or employees at your next party or event. Choose from an endless variety of games and entertainment options and even get your own, custom designed game show to suit your entertainment needs. Make your next corporate event a top…

party entertainment

Game Shows Are Party Entertainment At Its Best

We live in a world where the rate of entertainment evolution is causing many of us whiplash and the ideas of what is cool or fun or enjoyable are being challenged daily. The rates of social anxiety in the general public are rising and the need to be loved by, to please, and entertain our friends and family is climbing…

team building activities

Invest In Your Employees With Team Building Activities

Running an effective office or company requires good leadership and a cohesive team environment. Research has shown that when a team is able to work together toward a common goal, the chances of success increase exponentially. But how do you get your employees to work and grow in this way? This is where team building and team building activities come…