Best Team Building Activities

best team building activities

Efficient teamwork can maximize the effectiveness of a company hugely. When employees understand one another’s’ strengths and weaknesses, the dynamic of the working environment is improved. There are many activities to better team ethic, but here are a few of the best team building activities.

Why Team Building?

Team building encourages collaboration and effectively working together. When team members, especially those from a corporate environment, bond over fun activities, a new dynamic is introduced, and people learn things about one another.

Various skills; such as communication, problem solving, planning and conflict resolution, are developed during these activities. Genuine connections are fostered, and bonds are created. Here are a few of the most prevalent benefits of team building activities:

  1. Socializing

    A very important part of team building is the opportunity to connect with one another outside of the work environment, in a fun atmosphere. As a result, productivity in the office is improved.

  2. Improving Team Performance

    Employees learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses during team building activities. This means that when situations of similar pressures arise in the workplace, there is an improved understanding of how everyone operates.

  3. Competition

    There is nothing quite like a little bit of healthy competition to draw out the best in people. Introducing competition into a situation is a good way of improving productivity.

  4. Celebration and Team Spirit

    The exhilaration of winning in a team and celebrating together can motivate employees to heighten their work ethic to the next level.

  5. Innovation and Creativity

    When people are more comfortable around one another, they often feel more at ease to discuss creative ideas. Team building encourages these alternative thoughts to be discussed, thereby enhancing creativity and innovation amongst colleagues.

  6. Improving Communication and Trust

    If people know how to effectively communicate with one another, and trust what one another says, the workplace can be a lot friendlier. Team building improves these areas of teamwork.

Different Game Shows and the Areas That They Nurture

Game Shows Alive offers fun and interactive team building activities based around the theme of game shows. These games are a fun and interactive way to involve individuals in a way that is entertaining and inclusive. They are great for team building, corporate meetings, training seminars and fundraisers.

Your favorite game shows can be adapted and customized to best suit your needs and intentions for the day. Some popular choices are:

  • Cruise Director which draws from the fun found on popular cruise ships. These games are a great way to get your team comfortable and socialize with one another.
  • Horse racing in the form of pre-taped races. Camaraderie and high spirits are encouraged as team members cheer on their favorite horses, with the opportunity to win prizes. This highlights elements of fun and celebration.
  • S.O.S (Small Office Social) creates an interactive play format, introducing challenges that encourage teamwork, trust and communication to be crowned winning champions.
  • Team Feud is a game based off the television game show “Family Feud”. Competition is heightened as the group is divided into teams who then attempt to discover how a group of surveyed people answered questions.
  • Word play is a game that can be formatted for teams and relies on quick thinking and luck to win. This game brings out creative, innovative and lateral thinking to solve the puzzle.
  • In it to win it is the perfect game to improve team performance and understanding amongst members as they work together to complete the assigned task.

Team building activities are a great investment for your company. By prioritizing the dynamic between your staff, you are ensuring a healthy, productive and enjoyable working environment. The entertaining team building activities offered by Game Shows Alive are fresh and exciting, offering a unique experience that helps achieve team building goals.

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