Boost The Fun Factor At Your Product Launch Event

Product Launch Event

Launching products in a new interactive way is the next step to modern marketing methods. Interactive marketing breaks down the usual statistic content and allows for a more creative way to tell your products story. Instead of just telling your story to consumers, interactivity lets you have a connection with them. So, it’s time to get rid of long content, un-engaging factors and impersonal messages explaining product and instead use techniques in a product launch event that grab the attention of your customers and get them excited about your new product.

I am sure you are asking yourself; “How am I able to do this?” The answer is quick and simple. Game Shows Alive, your full-service game show production.

With a full range of TV style game show events we are ready to help you with your next product launch – here are a list of some of the game shows we offer:

  • Team Feud

    Very similar to the TV game show “Family Feud”, groups will be divided into teams and answer the various surveyed questions created by you and game shows alive (can be about your company, your products/services, etc).

  • In It To Win It

    Working together as a team trying to complete the task given. Go even further by choosing your best players, and add even more points to your total score. This is guaranteed to create a wonderful and exciting time. The task given to the team can be related to the new product/service you are launching.

  • Word Play

    Spin the wheel, take a guess at a letter and solve the word puzzle. Being a quick thinker will definitely be rewarded in this game, add a little bit of luck and you will be crowned the champion in now time. The words they are trying to solve can be your company tagline, the name of the new product, the ingredients, etc.

  • Smartie Pants

    Are you the smartest of them all, or maybe just the smartest in the room? This will soon be shown be proving how much you truly know about general trivia. An even better idea would be asking questions about your company or even your new product ensuring a peaking interest.

  • All In

    Everyone playing at the same time is a definite way to ensure that everyone is having a wonderful time and that they stay involved. Using our wireless remotes, climbing the Trivia Ladder has never been easier, climb the highest in the time given and you are surely the trivia champion.

  • Face Off

    Teams against team or even head to head just knowing something about something can quickly make you a winner.

  • And many more!

With this vast variety of games there will be no question of whether or not you will be interacting with your audience and better yet your potential customers will definitely be excited about your company and your new product.

These fast paced, individual or group games will get everyone involved and will keep everyone talking about your product launch for months to come.

Contact us at Game Shows Alive for any of your corporate needs – we are excited to collaborate with you on your next product launch, trade show, or corporate event.

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