Bring TV Game Shows From Your Screen To Reality

game shows

Ever actually wanted to take part in a real game show? Have you whished it was you stepping up to the podium on ‘Jeopardy’? There is nothing like actually being there. The atmosphere, sparkling lights and sound. The shared crowd participation. A television just can’t capture it. Why not make this your reality, and improve your business profits at the same time?

Wait, you say that I can actually make money out of having fun? You bet your life! At Game Shows Alive, that is what we are about. We host a variety of different game shows at your corporate venue. Yes, we bring the game to you. So, how does this improve profits? Not only does it encourage teambuilding in your employees, it also stimulates their thinking and participation skills, and the best way to improve business productivity is through a satisfied staff.

There is much more to a game show then what the audience perceive initially. Ninety percent of its success hinges on proper stage effects and presentation. Most offices do not have the systems that are required to present a proper show, such as dazzling lights and captivating sound. Or stages, podiums and booths. Fortunately, we provide this; our expert team will turn your meeting hall into a game show fan’s dream. We provide all of the sound and lighting as well as an expert crew to configure and optimize the acoustics of your venue. All you have to do is arrange a convenient date and time.

Game shows are the perfect way to start or end off the commercial year on a high note. You and your staff work hard, and often the rewards are difficult to see. There is no better way of commemorating the workplace achievements than to host an annual staff only gameshow! That way you not only get to see how smart your employees are, but also encourage them to remain loyal to the business. Whatever your taste, we have an event to suit it. From horse racing to bingo, team challenges and so much more.

If you feel that your corporate sales pitch is getting a little lackluster, why not invite us to do one of our celebrated trade show games? We come to your trade show and run a side-by-side game show that pulls audience to your booth. Involving them in a fun and friendly way will make them feel more at ease and willing to engage with your sales staff. With experience from working with companies such as Oracle, we have a tried and trusted recipe to ensure a you a sales boost.

Compared to their television equivalents, our game shows are true to form. We use the exact same elements as their studio double, except where the audience is concerned. Sharing this unique experience with a group of people that you interact with on a daily basis is far more stimulating then with a foreign set. Our events encourage participation, and stimulate a feeling of unity in our audiences, while still being a truckload of fun.

In the workplace, its often a case of, “the show must go on” but for once, why not let it be a game?

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