Company Game Favorites

company games

Company games are an effective and powerful way to develop and foster relationships in the workforce. They also help establish team-building. Team development activities such as company games result in overall improved workplace performance. These activities also ensure that your personnel work together as a cohesive unit. By gamifying team-building activities, you create an inviting ambience. You allow your employees to have fun while they interact with one another and this can foster an environment of trust, communication and collaboration which results in an overall positive effect on the company culture.

The Most Popular Company Games

  1. Team Feud / Family Feud

    This game is based on surveys. Your workforce can be divided into teams and each team has to try discover how 100 people who were previously surveyed answered the questions.

  2. In it to Win It

    Employees are organised into teams who compete for a prize. A few simple, nerve-wracking games are played and each one increases with difficulty as the points increase. Each activity needs to be completed within 60 seconds and this game allows all team members to contribute and have fun while they’re doing it.

  3. Trivia

    General trivia type questions are presented to each member of the workforce who has the opportunity to answer the question on their own “smart” device. The computer then tallies everyone’s score and the top three players will compete in a challenge to see who wins.

  4. Jukebox Bingo

    Instead of listening to numbers being called out, different music tunes are played and the participants have to figure out the name of the song to see if it appears on their Bingo card. Participants can be group in pairs or small groups.

  5. Scavenger Hunt/ Amazing Race

    The workforce is split into teams, who are then sent out into surrounding areas from point to point. They are provided clues to get to each destination. The first to complete the race and find all the clues wins. A nice way to end this off, is to make the final destination a popular lunch spot where everyone is treated to a meal.

Why Are Company Games Good for Offices to Use?

It is important for companies to invest in games and team-building exercises because these activities allow for unwinding and stress relief. Playing games builds collaboration, reduces stress and tension in the workplace and create a cohesive team of employees. Games allow people to distress through providing them the opportunity to engage in an activity that helps relieve their stress. Greater productivity is promoted in the workplace when stress is relieved and employees return to their work.

Playing games ultimately leads to a positive overall outcome as it positively impacts the brain. Your motivation is increased, memory is improved and you begin to develop feelings of empathy for your team. Through games, you can build shared experiences and create a desire to create, collaborate and share. This leads to more unity in the workforce.

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