Corporate Event Entertainment for Your Specific Industry

corporate event entertainment

There are so many advantages that come from incorporating a social element into your corporate setting. Corporate event entertainment is known to boost morale, increase motivation and connect team members. When done correctly, corporate entertainment can be quite magical.

There are a few things that go into making your corporate event entertainment outstanding. Elements such as professional planning staff, experienced entertainers and interactive entertainment can massively increase the level of enjoyment.

If you are stumped on a fun and interactive corporate event, Games Shows Alive offer a fully customizable entertainment package to best suit your needs and your industry. Here are some of the games show favorites:

Industry Game Show Favorites

Regardless of your industry, there will be a corporate event that best suits your needs and brings out the best in your team. These are some popular industries and recommended games that will heighten enjoyment.

  • Car Dealerships
    Just as the sales reps from car dealerships climb the ladder of success, so do the contestants that play ‘All in’. This game involves everyone as they use a wireless remote to climb the ladder of trivia success.

    Sales reps are in constant contact with a variety of different people. Their jobs require them to connect with potential buyers and convince them to buy a car. ‘All in’ refines general knowledge and trivia on a variety of topics and keeps the competitive edge of sales with a fast-paced and exciting format.

  • Legal Industry
    ‘Match or no match’ is a fairly new game that is sure to keep competitors on their toes – just like in the courtroom. Two to four contestants use their wit and quick thinking to see how accurately they can match answers given by the panelist (everyone in the audience becomes the panelist).

    This game relies heavily on thinking on your feet and learning to gauge your audience. In the legal industry, this behavior is matched by learning to read and communicate with your audience whilst maintaining truth.

  • Media and Writing
    If working in the media industry, you are expected to be strong with words and creative thought. ‘Word play’ tests your skills in these departments by forcing you to think quickly.

    The format of the game in its purest form consists of spinning the wheel and guessing at a letter to help solve the word puzzle. The format can also be customized to play as teams. Regardless, a lucky spin and quick thinking is what it takes to be a winner – both in the game and in the media industry.

  • Education
    Teachers hold the very important responsibility of educating and nurturing America’s next generation. ‘Smartie Pants’ tests general knowledge and trivia in a fun and interactive way.

    The game can either be played in teams, or as individuals. This game adds an enjoyable twist on teachers testing themselves, and one another, on basic trivia.

  • Construction
    When your job consists of manual labor and physical exertion, it can be a real treat to enjoy a different form of entertainment that requires a different line of thinking. ‘Jukebox bingo’ is one way to add a fresh spin on to something traditional.

    Jukebox bingo is a game that relies on your ability to recognize songs, sing along and work as a team. This game mirrors the camaraderie and festive cheer needed on the construction site or whilst doing other forms of renovation and installations.

Your Customized Game Show

Regardless of your industry, Game Shows Alive offers a variety of customizable games that best suit you. Special effects, video support, sound reinforcement and lighting are all elements that contribute to the ambiance of fun and competition.

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