Game Shows Mean BIG Business for Trade Shows

Want to stand out in a crowd!?

Game Shows are a great idea to have at your next Trade Show. You want the attendees to get to know your company and product; but you have to get them into your booth first. With isle upon isle filled of like vendors, how do you make your booth stand out? You can fill it with TVs showing your video and maybe a few “pretty” people waving them in, but how do you really make a splash AND have them learn about you. A Game Show can do just that! We can create a fast paced show based on your company’s information that will give the attendees a chance to hear about you and maybe even win prizes while spending a few valuable minutes in your booth. Everyone loves the opportunity to be on a game show and you will give them that chance. They will be running to your booth to have a chance to play and learn, while you really become the BIG WINNER, by having the most popular trade show booth .

In fact our game show company actually started with a trade show appearance back in the 90’s. We were hired to provide a game show that we “rigged” up just for the occasion. We were supposed to appear in the booth for 15 minutes each hour, but after the first day of three, we found ourselves running the whole 8 hours each day. This booth was by far the talk of the trade show and everyone who came by learned something about the company and its valuable service. We learned first- hand that giving the attendees a fun experience will make them more comfortable and spend more time in your booth. You can trust us to create a show that will represent your company and will give your very important future customers a positive experience.

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