Game Shows Are Party Entertainment At Its Best

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We live in a world where the rate of entertainment evolution is causing many of us whiplash and the ideas of what is cool or fun or enjoyable are being challenged daily. The rates of social anxiety in the general public are rising and the need to be loved by, to please, and entertain our friends and family is climbing steeply. So, what is the answer to social success in this incredibly dynamic world? How do we plan to bring our closest friends together for a truly enjoyable experience? What about a round of Jeopardy or Family Feud? Game shows are party entertainment at its best and here’s why.

Taking In the Big Picture

There are a vast array of shows running on your television set every hour of every day. But in this day and age, that doesn’t even cover half of the shows, channels, movies, and even informal video footage roaming wild on the internet, ready to stream at any moment. Even with the overwhelming content choice of numerous genres available, game shows always develop a solid following. Regardless of generation, gender, language, or opinion, game shows thrive in the US.

The Game Show Formula

The simple formula of “charismatic host, relatable and lovable guests, achievable but difficult challenges, and an element of chance”, all work together to create a sense of competition and excitement that brings you back show after show, week after week. This includes shows like the first game show to air on U.S. television – “Truth or Consequence”, as well as more classic and well-known shows like, “Jeopardy!”, “The Price is Right”, “Family Feud” and “The Wheel of Fortune”.

Why Are Game Shows So Popular?

Match Game host, Gene Rayburn, thought the popularity stemmed from the interest in testing people’s ability to think under stress. Sociologists and psychologists have hypothesized the trend to be in keeping with important psychological theories such as “intellectual pleasure of play” and have even founded a theory rooted in “Traditional American pleasure in a contest”. Some include the philosophical concepts surrounding equal opportunity, risk and excitement, and even greed as strong influences of game shows’ popularity.

Science took it one step further to look at the role stress hormones play in social situations. They measured the levels of these hormones in the saliva and blood of players on separate teams and found that there was a positive increase in these hormones and a strong correlation to social connectedness with teammates and positive influences on interpersonal dynamics.

Why Game Shows for Party Entertainment?

Apart from them being a fantastic spectator sport, the thrill of the game, the competitive spirit, and the glory of victory all bring buckets of fun and entertainment to gatherings. Game Shows allow you to create interactive opportunities between your guests, break social barriers and make wonderful memories that will be talked about for years. Sometimes people from different social circles in your life can find it difficult to mingle – this is a fun and easy way to create friendships. Because you’re all working together toward the same goals, you can learn new things about old friends, bring out talents people never knew they had, and have a good laugh in the process.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your heart racing and the competition flowing! Here at Game Shows Alive, we are ready to help with every aspect of your party to bring the best entertainment for your guests. If you’re interested in hosting a game show as your party entertainment or have any questions about our services, contact us today.

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