Hype Up Your Happy Hour with Games

happy hour games

Our happy hour games are the perfect solution for those awkward post-work gatherings or much-needed team-building events. Our dynamic performance is sure to hype everyone up around happy hour. Games, when done right, are something that everyone will remember!

Games turn happy hour into a blend of participant interaction, team-building and play. What more do you need to rally the troops and forget the stress of the daily grind. Our shorter events double up as ice-breaker games, catering to corporate meetings, training seminars, trade shows, fundraisers and schools – there’s something for everyone.

What’s on Offer?

Here’s a peek at the kinds of shorter games we have on offer. Feel free to contact us for more as we are happy to cater to your unique needs and themes.

    • Music Bingo

      If you’re up for something a little different, why not try this unique take of traditional bingo. In this great ice-breaker, we adapt the classical favorite by giving it a musical theme, such as ‘Music from the 90’s’. Each player has a card with a song name and the music begins. Once that song name plays, it can be scratched off the card, until you’ve heard every song on your list. Let us know the era of your choice and we will sort out the rest.

      We have music catalogues from yesteryear to the most recent Lady Gaga album, so there’s something for everyone. Just wait and see how people start singing along and getting competitive as the game develops!

    • Interactive Trivia

      We’ll provide everything you need for this fun, fast-paced game. This is perfect as a mini-event to spice up a function. Guests will each receive their own handheld wireless remote answer pad, from which our computer system will keep score of all the correct answers given – and even the speed at which the answers were given! We can tailor the questions to suit the theme of your choice, so don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas or questions.

      One of the advantages is that everyone can play in this ‘all-in’ competition. Contestants will try to climb up in ranking by getting the most correct answers until out host finishes asking the questions. Questions can be multiple choice to keep it simple if it’s a fast-paced game you’re after. We can create dynamic questions for each round to keep the game alive as well.

      Choose between our ‘Quick Fire’ rounds where the trivia questions have pre-assigned point values or ‘Face-off’ where contestants compete head to head or in teams in a trivia battle.

      Fun prizes can be awarded to the top scoring players in each round – perhaps a round of drinks or a small token relating to the theme of the night.

Why Incorporate Activities?

Our goal is to make events fun, no matter the clients. We are able to cater our short and sweet activities to suit the needs of our clients for a wide range of events. These include corporate events, such as company team-building, seminars or trade shows. We also do social events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, worship events or school programs.

Incorporating a short game into any gathering can transform the night into one everyone will remember. Your friends or co-workers will bond afresh or finally get to know each other beyond the nine-to-five. Interactive play has the power to build and rebuild relationships in this way.

To take you next corporate event to the next level, contact Game Shows Alive today – a full service game show production.

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