Invest In Your Employees With Team Building Activities

team building activities

Running an effective office or company requires good leadership and a cohesive team environment. Research has shown that when a team is able to work together toward a common goal, the chances of success increase exponentially. But how do you get your employees to work and grow in this way? This is where team building and team building activities come in?

What is Team Building?

Team building is a term used to describe the process by which a series of interactions and activities aid in social, practical and emotional development of a group of colleagues. It is intended to improve working relationships, define roles and strengthen team functioning so that there can be a collective effective approach to work tasks.

How Exactly Do Team Building Activities Help My Employees?

Many leaders find it difficult to justify team building to busy teams. Here are the ABCDE’s of the benefits of team building that you can present to motivate your employees.

  1. Adds Fun and Boosts Morale

    Activities and exercises are a fantastic way of adding fun to the office environment. Often, people associate their working life with negativity – the root of the ‘Blue Monday’. Unfortunately, studies have shown that depression, fatigue, and negativity have a disastrous effect on productivity and can cause significant drops in company revenue and progress. The conjecture has also been proven – a motivated team not only works faster, but better.

  2. Breaks Social Barriers and Creates Bonds

    Sometimes it can be difficult for employees to create relationships independently. Team building events offer a safe and easy way for employees to approach each other, learn about one another, and foster friendships. This can help them understand each other, which can make working together considerably easier. Small team leaders can also use this knowledge to give employees projects that will help them thrive in their field and even challenge them to inspire progress – both for the individual and the company. Team building also breaks the barrier between employer and employee so that they can feel freer and will share ideas more readily.

  3. Cultivates Creativity

    Ideas are born much more frequently when fueled by other people. Team building allows for a comfortable environment to encourage creativity. Less serious than the Monday board meeting, it gives employees a platform to express themselves and create a level of comfort amongst their peers so that ideas can flow in the workplace. New experiences also fuel the imagination and promote out-of-the-box thinking. This is a great way to get new, exciting ideas moving – the innovation that may be needed to give your company the edge it needs.

  4. Develops Communication Skills

    Any activity that requires talking or working together aids in the practice of the art of communication. Team activities also facilitate discussions and encourage open communication between you and your employees. This can create an atmosphere of sharing, understanding, and connecting approaches, to sharing of ideas, voicing opinions, and even resolving conflict.

  5. Effective Collaboration

    The interesting – and often most difficult – aspect of management is organizing a group into roles that play to their strengths and cover their weaknesses to reach a common goal. This requires an understanding of the interdependency of teams and knowing how to organize and facilitate effective collaboration. Team building activities give you smaller, less stressful situations to practice this skill as well as opportunity to find out your team’s strengths and weaknesses. These exercises also encourage growth amongst every member of your team so that each person can assess themselves and others – to see where they can help and where they need help – to achieve success. This mentality should be transitioned into the workplace thereby aiding in fostering effective communication.

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