How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

trade show booths

Your trade show booths are a graphic display of your company. They are designed to be used at trade fairs or trade shows to visually represent your company. At trade shows, there are hundreds of trade booths set up and it is important for you to make yours stand out:

Smart Ideas to Stand Out

Using the same trade show game plan as other companies will not make you stand out. If you offer nothing different to the rest, those attending forget whose store was whose and no one leaves a lasting impact. Therefore, you need to come up with smarter ways to make your trade show booth stand out from the rest. You need to make sure that you making a lasting impact on attendees’ so that you stay on their minds rather than your competitors.

  • Staff Training

    Training your staff on how to engage with people at the show is very important. Often attendees walk around the trade shows in a daze and if they are approached in an aggressive manner or if they are ignored, they tend to leave. If you adopt a non-threatening approach to grab their attention, you are more likely going to be successful in getting them to stop and engage. Asking a question like “enjoying the show?” may elicit conversation and draw them to you and your store.

  • Create Foreshadowing

    Creating emails or social media appearances before the trade show often creates an awareness and hype around your company. People start talking about you before the show and at the show they often notice and recognize your branding because they have previously been exposed to it. On the emails or posts, you should include information on the show such as dates, locations and your booth number. This is also a great place to mention any prizes or competitions you might be offering.

  • Social Media Dominance

    Ensure your company has its own hashtag for the trade show. You should also provide your followers with captivating reasons why they should come visit your booth. For example, a giveaway or announcing a new product. It is important to make personal posts and to have one-on-one interaction with your followers. Throughout the trade show, you should promote your hashtag online and around the building. You should also share online what is going on at the trade show and what you have to offer in order to lure people to your booth.

  • Be Creative

    Being creative will help you to stand out from the rest.

Stand out with Games Shows

Game Shows are a great idea to have at your next Trade Show. Having one of Games Shows Alive Game Shows featuring questions about your company and its services is a great way to ensure you stand out. Playing games like this is always a firm favorite with people and games and has been proven to foster information retention about your company in the people playing. Game Shows can create the awareness that you need. The purpose of having a booth at a trade show is to get people to learn more about your company and your product and by having a game show, you can draw people to your booth. Through creating a fast-paced show based on your company’s information, you can give the attendees a chance to hear about your company and what you have to offer. Giving the attendees a fun experience will make them more comfortable and spend more time in your booth.

Games Shows Alive can be trusted to make your trade show booth stand out through creating a show that will represent your company and will give your very important future customers a positive experience.

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