Make Your Event Unique With Custom Game Shows

custom game shows

If you are planning an occasion such as a birthday party, bat/bar mitzvah, or corporate team building event, Games Shows Alive has the perfect tools to make it an event to remember! With our custom game shows, your event is bound to be filled with fun – and what could be more memorable? Find out more about the kinds of games we offer, how they can be perfectly customized to the specifications of your event, and why custom games really boost the success of any party!

What Is A Custom Game Show?

Games bring fun, laughter, teamwork and friendly competition to any situation! Imagine the live game shows you enjoy watching on TV – ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ or ‘Deal or No Deal’ – taking place at your event! Game Shows Alive offers rentals of TV-style game shows that are tailored specifically to the requirements of your event: for example, if you are hosting a 40th birthday party or bachelorette, a game show centered around the special person would make it a unique and memorable occasion!

These kinds of games allow for creativity, learning more about others and fun social interaction.

Here are 3 examples of custom game shows that you could enjoy at your event:

  • “Smartie Pants”

    Perhaps you are hosting a company event, and want to give employees a fun time and encourage learning more about your company! Find out how much employees know about your new product (etc!) by having Game Shows Alive customize this trivia game with questions about your company, product or service (played individually or in teams).

  • “Jukebox Bingo”

    Not your typical Bingo game! In this version we have replaced boring old numbers with music. Players must figure out the names of songs that are played out, and see if they match their Bingo card. Great for sing-a-longs too, and the best part is: you get to pre-select the music!

  • “In It To Win It”

    A team of people must work together to complete certain tasks. This game guarantees a night of fun and laughter!

What Will Custom Game Shows Offer My Event?

We all know that games are fun, but how can games benefit your event specifically? Well, in addition to simply providing your occasion with great entertainment, games are also great ice-breakers, team-building exercises, and knowledge-builders.

  • Corporate Entertainment

    Often the work place is where employees can feel isolated and under extreme pressure! When you are hosting a corporate event, this is the last kind of atmosphere you want to create. Introducing a game to your event will completely replace any employee tensions or stress with a sense of relaxation and fun. Games also allow for people to overcome their differences by requiring them to work in teams. Games necessitate lateral thinking, strategizing and group cohesion but without the pressure of the usual work environment. Improve employee relations by having a game or two at your next corporate event!

  • Event Entertainment

    Hosting a celebratory occasion such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or birthday? A trivia game, for example, with questions about the celebrated person’s interests, hobbies and general life will make him or her feel extra special when loved ones compete to answer them first!

Whether it’s a birthday, corporate event, fundraiser, or festival, Game Shows Alive has something unique to offer your event!

To rent out a custom game show for your next event, call us at 877-386-5701 and start planning the perfect occasion that will be remembered for years to come!

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