So you decided on having a Game Show, now what?

Congratulations; you decided on a Game Show for your next company event! Now what?  Where do you find such equipment, what is the right show for your event and who will make this happen.


The Internet has taught us that we can type in any subject and get many choices to choose from but how doyou go about finding the right one for you.

Game Shows Alive has been supplying Game Show entertainment for more than fifteen years and this is all we do.  We have all the elements to successfully deliver an event that is not only the right one for you but will have your guests wanting more.


What do we do and how can we help you in making your concept come to life.

First you want a company that will listen to your needs, such as how many people do you want to involve, is this a” fun” event or a learning event or maybe a little of both.  How long will you have for the game show, is it part of another event such as a training or meeting and finally what is your budget?

We can develop a game based around these answers.  We can offer you a “standard” play format of one of our TV version game shows or tweak one to make it just right for you, or even use our equipment and experience to create a one of a kind show for you.

What if your event is not local to where we are?  Not a problem for us.  We are a traveling company and have designed our set ups to be very portable and can travel just about anywhere.


What makes us different? You will find that a lot of other people say they can do what we do, but they are only doing it part time and haven’t invested in the right gear and design that we have.  Our company is made up of award winning talent and production experienced staff with more than fifteen years in the Game Show business.  It’s your image we are representing and we promise to give you the true TV game show experience.


So what’s next? You owe it to yourself, your co-workers and guest to give us a call to ask these all-important questions.  We are always happy to listen to your thoughts and give our advice, even if our services aren’t right for you.  We think it’s important to steer you in the right direction to give you the best chance of a successful event.


Win Millions… of compliments is a motto we live by and know that our services will make your next event a winning one that will have people talking about.

Our services are perfect for training, sales meetings, social events, Grand Openings, trade shows or conventions.

We invite you to call us today to find out the many benefits to hosting a Game Show event.


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