Trade Show Ideas: Getting Attendees Involved In Your Booth

trade show ideas

Trade shows can be a highly effective means of advertising, promoting, marketing and getting your business out there. After a well-attended trade show people either walk away with a little knowledge of your business and the products/services you offer or they will walk away with the intention of doing business with you. This all depends on your trade show booth and how effective you were in getting people involved. The sure-fire way of making your booth memorable is to get your attendees involved. Looking through trade show ideas and planning your booth could help you experience a successful experience.

Trade Show Ideas

Keeping your attendees involved is how you keep them from coming back – here we take a look at some fun trade show ideas for you to succeed in keeping your attendees engaged at your next trade show.

  • Mini Live Workshop

    Have a small area of your booth dedicated to presenting workshops. This can be done every half hour or every hour, depending how long they are. This is a great opportunity for you to engage with a hand full of people and allow them the opportunity to see what you are offering and experience it first-hand. If it is something practical, allow them to try it out themselves. Also, make time for a discussion where the attendees can ask questions. If planned well, this short burst of interaction and engagement could be the reason they remember your product or service after the trade show is finished.

  • Food

    Wherever there is food, there will be people. Set up a small area towards the back of your booth, where attendees will have to walk through your booth to get there. This will give you the opportunity to satisfy their hunger as well as engage in conversation with them about your products or services. If your product or service is food related, you should definitely consider doing this as they will be experiencing your product or service for themselves, in a relaxed manner. When they carry on with their walk through the trade show, other attendees with notice people holding a food or beverage of some sort with your branding on and they will make their way to your booth.

  • Live Performances

    Create an exciting and inviting atmosphere by scheduling live performances or guest speakers. Advertise this through the use of your company’s social media pages or any of the advertising opportunities that the trade show offers. This gives attendees an incentive to visit your booth. Organize with the performer or guest speaker to incorporate your product or service into their performance.

  • Games

    People, young and old, love playing games. What better way to get people involved in your booth, familiar with your product or service and all the while having a great time. There are different ways that you can incorporate games in order to keep attendees involved.

    • Hold a Contest or a Raffle

      Make sure that the contest or raffle is directly related to your product or service. This will give people the opportunity to engage with you and your product or service in a fun, non-threatening way. Hold contests that require the attendees to ask or answer questions about your product or service. This will be memorable to them after the trade show is finished.

    • Game Show

      Everyone enjoys a game where they are required to engage with information that is generally factual or formal but in a fun way. Make sure to link the questions with your product or service so that you are creating awareness and getting people to remember the details after the trade show is finished. Game Shows Alive can be trusted to make your booth the most memorable through creating a trade show game that will represent your product or service and give the attendees a fun and exciting experience of what you have to offer.

    • There are many different ways to make your booth stand out at your next trade show, there is so much opportunity to build new client relationships and Game Shows Alive would be instrumental in orchestrating this if you call upon their services for your next trade show.

      If you are looking for trade show ideas and need help deciding the best ones for your booth, do not hesitate to contact Game Shows Alive who offer full service game show production.

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