Unique Birthday Party Entertainment

birthday party entertainment

If you have an upcoming birthday and are looking for a unique and fun way to amaze your guests, you may not need to look any further than this post. Game Shows Alive offer a variety of games that are completely customizable to your needs and themes.

Due to the flexibility of group sizes and game dynamics, you can choose whatever theme you want and there will be a game that becomes the perfect foundation to your event entertainment.

Here are a few popular party themes, and birthday party entertainment ideas to accompany them.

  • Musical Madness
    Everyone loves to move and groove to the rhythm of a good time. Having a musically-focused party will ensure that everyone’s moods and spirits are high. You can angle this theme in many different ways – come dressed as your favorite character from a musical, select a certain decade of musical hits, have karaoke or theme your decor to a particular musical completely.

    Jukebox bingo is a great game to get your guests’ musical minds sharpened. It takes the traditional imaginings of bingo and turns it around completely. By playing the songs you know and love, your guests experience enjoyment immediately – and then the curve ball of competition is introduced as guests try to figure out the names of songs and match them to their Bingo card. Jukebox bingo is the perfect combination of bingo, trivia and sing-along.

  • Back to School
    Regardless of whether your school memories are fond or not, returning to the playfulness of youth is always a great element to introduce into a party. Theming your birthday to ‘back to school’ is one way to bring out the child in all of your guests and ensure that the fun is heightened.

    In the spirit of school and education, ‘Smartie Pants’ is the perfect game to accompany your theme. It gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge – as a team or individuals – and find out who really is top of the class.

  • TV Shows
    Television has come a long way in the past decade. From family gatherings in the living room, to streaming content on mobile devices. The origins of television are attached to a nostalgic tugging of memories in front of the television, eating dinner with the family. Theming your birthday party to these comforting memories will transport your guests to a recent, yet by-gone, era of central social gatherings around the “heart of the home”.

    What better party entertainment than ‘Team Feud’ to compliment your theme? The look and feel of the TV game show is recreated as teams discover how a group of surveyed people answered questions.

  • Survivor
    Survivor is a popular theme for birthday parties due to the tropical, competitive and exciting nature of the show. You can add island decor, split your guests into two teams with a colored bandana upon arrival and play with the element of immunity throughout the night.

    With the healthy competitive nature of a Survivor theme, ‘In it to win it’ gets teams working together to complete assigned tasks. This game is guaranteed to create wild and hilarious memories.

  • Treasure Hunt
    Another theme to tap into the adventurous spirit of your guests is that of a treasure hunt. This can be adapted into many different variations such as pirates on quest or adventurers in a foreign country. There are countless opportunities for dress up and decor.

    ‘Word Puzzle’ is the perfect game to compliment this theme as guests spin a wheel and guess at letters to solve a word puzzle – as one would try solving clues on a map to find treasure. The ‘treasure’ can be completely customized for your adult party.

These are just a few games that can complement your party and boost the fun factor. Contact Game Shows Alive to see how our unique birthday party entertainment can work with your themes.

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