Virtual Game Shows

Game Shows Alive is offering some of our popular game shows via Zoom Meetings. Now you can become a contestant and play with your friends, family, co-workers and even whole communities in the safety and comfort of your homes. Our shows are perfect for kids and adults.

View the services offered below and contact us to schedule your date and time, we’re here to help anwser questions too.


“Survey Says”
Our version of “Family Feud”
Gather up to 20 people (to play on 2 teams) and go head to head to see which team can gather the most points from the survey board.

“Game Show Mania”
Trivia game played up to 16 contestants
Be the first to “RaiseYour Hand” if you know the answer to the trivia questions.
The player with the most points at the end of the game will be crowned “Champion”
“Game Show Mania” is perfect for
Birthday parties, office get togethers or family sessions.

“Jukebox Bingo”
It’s not your Grandmother’s Bingo anymore!
Instead of listening to numbers being drawn (yawn) we play different music tunes that you need to figure out the name of to see if it appears on your bingo card (sent to you via email)
You’ll have a blast singing to the tunes and even dancing in the safety and comfort of your own home.
Every bingo wins a prize (sent via email)
Perfect for whole communities up to 100 players per session.

“Trivia Master”
Do you have what it takes to be the Trivia Master. No pens, No paper and No cheating. Questions appear on your screen via Zoom, Answers are placed on a seperate phone or tablet. Answers and scores instantly intergrated into Zoom. We offer 3 different shows, Adult, Kids and Family. Call us to arrange a show for you.

“Virtual” Birthday Parties
Game Shows Alive is now hosting virtual birthday parties. Our party package includes up to 3 hours of Zoom meeting coordinated by us. This package is made up of 3 parts. A welcoming, a Guest of Honor “Spotlight” and your choice of Interactive Game Show (above). Call us to reserve a day or for more information.