Company Party Ideas For Your July 4th Celebration

company party ideas

As we all know, July 4th is a big celebration day in the USA – you might be wondering how your company can be a part of the Independence Day celebrations. Game Shows Alive has some fun company party ideas that will help you create a successful 4th of July office party. Not only will employees be able to celebrate one of America’s biggest holidays, but a company party will boost morale and strengthen relations within the office.

Find out more about some of our suggestions for a memorable July 4th company celebration.

5 Ideas For Your Company Party

A celebration always brings people closer together; be it a birthday, wedding or even corporate event. Parties allow people to relax and have fun, which means they will be in good spirits and eager to connect with others. How does this benefit your company? Well, the happier your staff are and the better their relations to their fellow coworkers, the more invested and committed they will be to the business. Here are several company party ideas that will get the fun going.

  1. Custom Game Shows

    Games are a great way to improve teamwork, critical thinking, and of course friendly competition and fun! Game Shows Alive has a wide range of corporate entertainment games for your event; and what’s more is that you can have your game of choice customized to your business or party. A game show with questions on the theme of July 4th will suit the party perfectly. In addition to this theme, trivia games such as “Jeopardy” or “Wheel of Fortune” for example can be fitted with questions about your company, product or service. Contestants will get to have fun in participating while also learning more about their workplace and about the holiday that they are celebrating.

  2. Experienced Entertainers

    Hiring a professional to handle the entertainment of your party will take the stress off your hands and keep the crowd in stitches! An entertainer helps to get the energy going as well as facilitate the live game shows and theme. Game Shows Alive have a range of entertainers who will take care of the evening – all that is needed from you is the kind of entertainment you are looking for.

  3. July 4th Dress Code

    Usually at the workplace there is a level of formality to which one must dress appropriately. Because your corporate party is themed around July 4th, ask your employees to wear their best Independence Day outfit – with the colors blue, white and red. You could offer a prize to the best dressed.

  4. Decorations

    Decorating the room where you will hold your event will add to the fun of the evening. Balloons, streamers and even images with the colors of the American flag will add to the festivities.

  5. Let Your Employees Be Heard

    Perhaps you want our entertainers to let guests have an opportunity to express their own definition of freedom and independence by passing a mic around and facilitating discussions. This will make employees feel as though their opinion and experience matters, and also help others to reflect on the meaning of Independence Day.

Celebrating this important day in a fun and memorable way will boost company morale and dedication among your staff. Contact Game Shows Alive on 877-386-5701 to book an entertainer and speak to us about the games we can offer your event!

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