Improve Performance with Team Development Games

team development

Nothing beats having a team that works together like a well oiled machine. Team development activities can help improve workplace performance and ensure that your workforce works together as a cohesive unit, instead of varying individuals who may or may not disrupt the work environment due to their lack of unity. By gamifying the activity you allow your employees to have more fun while they interact with one another.

Regardless of how trivial you may think it is, it is one of the most important investments you as an employer can make for your business.

Why Team Building Matters

  • Trust

    When your team trusts one another, they will realize that they can depend and rely on each other to increase productivity and efficiency. Trust is also important between employer and employee, by bridging the employer- employee gap, you will be viewed more like a college than an employer. This builds more trust as your team will feel that they can express their ideas, opinions or concerns without any negative backlash from the ‘higher ups’.

  • Communication

    Activities that foster communication between employees as well as between employees and management can improve inter-office relations. Your employees are more likely to communicate their needs and concerns in a clear and concise manner with people that they have bonded with as well as with you.

  • Collaboration

    By having your staff work together on fun activities, they will form bonds, which will allow them to collaborate more effectively in-office. By working together to solve a problem in a fun team related activity, they’ll be able to transfer those problem-solving skills into the workplace should a problem arise.

  • Conflict Resolution

    In an ideal world, everyone in the workplace has a similar personality and everyone gets on like a house on fire. However, in the real world, varying personalities can and will clash, which will cause unnecessary in-office disputes and conflict. By allowing your staff to bond with each other and learn more about each other, they will become more familiar with working with people of varying dispositions.

Company culture is an important thing for the new generation that is entering the workforce. They look for employers who actively care not only about the bottom line, but also about the people that work for them. Creating a fun company culture that encourages team building games which aren’t solely practical lessons means that your employees are more willing to unite and go that extra mile for you. Statistically, the happier the employee the more effort they will put into their work to ensure the company’s success.

Remember, team bonding does not need to be about successful leadership strategies, communication workshops or practical sales knowledge. Sometimes it is more helpful for your employees to spend time together just letting their hair loose and their silly side out. Doing so ensures that your team has fun just spending time together and this happy attitude will transfer to the workplace. Don’t let team building be a once-off thing, you need to create opportunities for your staff to connect and interact with each other away from work meetings or presentations.

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