A Revolutionary Sales Meeting Idea

sales meeting idea

This revolutionary sales meeting idea can become a real game-changer (excuse the pun!). With the use of interactive game shows, you can take your sales meetings to the next level.

You’re probably thinking: ‘what can game shows do for sales meetings?’ Well, some of the most important skills that coworkers need in order to have an effective working environment is the ability to communicate, respond, present, and listen. Effective interaction between people requires these skills, and so game shows can actually increase the quality of interactiveness and communication between co-workers.

Playing an interactive game can also create an environment to encourage quick-thinking, creativity and also build rapport with fellow co-workers. It is very important to establish a positive working relationship between coworkers, as studies have shown that team building activities can strengthen working relationships, communication skills, job satisfaction and enhance work productivity! Researchers have also found that job satisfaction and overall positive moods in the workplace can increase work productivity and efficiency.

It is important to have team building activities for the working environment, and many people have kept this in mind, but people don’t think of ever using it to improve sales meetings. If team building can influence work productivity and working relationships positively in the work place, then it can also influence sales meetings the same way- think about it!

At Game Shows Alive, there are several interactive game shows for your coworkers to partake in. The best thing about it, is that you can bring the games to you! Game Shows Alive can come to your own office and host a game with your sales meeting team. Each game fosters interactiveness and creativity in its own, unique way:

  • Looking for some healthy competition? Team Feud is a survey-styled game, where participants are divided into teams, and have to guess the top answers that most people would have chosen for fun survey questions.
  • Match or No Match: This game involves an audience for a collective panelist. The participants have to guess an answer that was most popular among the audience!
  • Word Play is a game where participants are required to guess what the missing letters are to figure out what phrase is on the board. This game fosters creativity and fun!
  • Smartie Pants: This is a trivia game, where team members are competing to answer questions as quickly as they can. This is a game that requires quick thinking.
  • Quick Fire requires participants to answer pre-assigned point questions, where they calculate and weigh the values of each answer to accumulate enough points to beat their opponents.
  • The Challenge is a game formatted for fun or intense learning experiences, where teams are required to answer a question correctly. Answer points are scored according to the level of difficulty for each question. This game requires a lot of interaction amongst co-workers in order to produce the best possible answer.
  • Face Off is a trivia battle, where teams work face to face for some fun and engaging competition.
  • All In: This is a buzzer game, where participants are required to push a buzzer button to answer a question. All participants are then ranked by the number of correct questions answered. This game requires participants to have a fast-reaction time.
  • In it to Win it: This game involves team members choosing other members to complete a task. If the task is completed successfully by the chosen participant, the team earns points! This game requires a lot of interaction and collaboration.
  • Trivia Ladder: Participants use electronic devices to play a trivia game, where the person who gains the most points will be crowned champion.
  • Jukebox Bingo: When the jukebox starts to play a song, teams are to try and guess the song and match it onto their bingo card; if the song is displayed on the card. It is just like bingo, but with songs instead of numbers!

Be the first to take this revolutionary sales meeting idea into action by taking Game Shows Alive to your company. Your coworkers are in for a real treat!

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